On this day, a year ago, I was sitting next to my wife. Holding her hand, as I watched her bless me with a beautiful daughter. It was an amazing experience, I even shed a tear. Seeing my wife at the peak of her strength, made me see her in a completely different light. My heart's keeper, mother of my kid, my homie, my lover and my best friend. She was superwoman at that moment and that hasn't changed till this day.

Today we celebrate one year of endless blessings. My little baby is turning into her own person with a smile that will get her anything she wants. She started walking a few weeks ago and there nothing like coming back home and she paces toward me. Oh man!

She reminds me so much of my mom and I wish she could've met her. Same mannerisms and that bubbly personality, she's exactly like my mom. It makes it even easier dealing with the fact she's no longer around. Maybe that in itself is a reminder that she watching over us.

I thank God every day for this precious mini-me and this beautiful family of mine. I hope and pray for the wisdom to guide and teach her the values that my mom taught me and be the best dad I can be.

Happy 1st Birthday to my little LailaBunz. 
I love you too much!!!

(I hope one day she'll get to read this.)
Mpumelelo Macufamily